ECE6554: Planar Bi-Rotor Helicopter

Abstract: This paper discusses our implementation of acontroller which stabilizes a bi-rotor helicopter. The planar Bi-Rotor Helicopter dynamics can be described by the provided equations of motion. First, we linearize the system about theorigin. Next, we design, test, and compare two controllers,a linear feedback controller and a linear adaptive feedbackcontroller. These controllers are then tested on the full system dynamics. Lastly, we design and test an adaptive controller tostabilize the full system dynamics.

This project was a collaboration between Cesar Santoyo and Claudia Ciaschi. This project was chosen from a choice of four of projects found here. The source code can be found on csantoyo’s Github repository. If you have any questions, please contact Cesar Santoyo or Claudia Ciaschi. The final .pdf write-up of the project can be read here.